Pondicherry, a tourists destination has equipped in with lots of attractions in and around the city. Travelers in all age groups will be enthrilled to move around the city of Pondicherry. Lot of tourists places pack in with attractive entertainments to satisfy all.

Gandhi Statue

Pondicherry Beach

Historical Review Of Pondicherry

The Historical Society of Pondicherry discharged its most recent volume of the Historical Review of Pondicherry (Revue Historique de Pondichery) with another format and photos of some of its soonest parts on the spread. This is one of the most established diaries chronicling the historical backdrop of this city throughout the previous 10 decades, the 25th volume that was distributed as of late keeps this custom alive.

As indicated by a report by The Hindu, V. Nallam, benefactor of The Historical Society of Pondicherry (Societe De l’histoire de Pondichery) was cited saying, “Puducherry has a rich past of more than 2,000 years which has seen distinctive intrusions and impacts, and vestiges of society, which incorporate the Pallava-period sanctuaries and European settlements. The thought is to make consciousness of history among future eras as it is not being provided for its expected vitality.” https://www.zoompondy.com/articles/historical-society-of-pondicherry-latest-volume/

Old Lighthouse

War Memorial


Old Distellery

The old Distillery is located just where the boulevard begins. Tucked into a corner this run down structure was used as a parking lot for many years before PondyART, a Puducherry based organisation leased it for being used as exhibition spaces. Since 2013 a number of Photo exhibitions have been organised in this place including a 10-day photo festival in March 2014.

Church in Pondy

Aayi Mandapam

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